About the blog (in English)

Kalasatama365 is a Finnish blog documenting the development of Kalasatama area in Helsinki, Finland. Many parts of Kalasatama are still under construction and the landscape is changing quickly. The blog aims to document these changes with photographs and (Finnish) words.

Kalasatama will be a tight-knit, urban district. The area is situated in a central location on the eastern shoreline of the central city area. ­Kalasatama will be connected to the central city area and its shores will be open to the residents of the city.

For more info about Kalasatama, check this pdf file from the Helsinki City Planning Department. The plan is to have 21000 residents and 8000 new jobs in the area by the 2030s.

Blog author is Joni Kantonen who is currently residing in Kalasatama. More Joni’s photos can be found from his photography portfolio or Flickr. Blog was started May 31, 2016, a day before the new bridge Isoisänsilta was to be opened to public.